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What is a series NFT collection?

A Series NFT collection is group of individual NFT artworks, where each artwork and its associated metadata can vary while still being part of the larger collection. In this context, "series" refers to the collective grouping of NFTs, allowing for flexibility in the content and characteristics of each piece. While the artworks within the collection can have their own distinct features, they share a common thread, such as a theme, style, or artistic vision.

The concept of a series NFT collection allows artists to explore a specific concept or tell a story through their artwork. It provides an opportunity to dive deeper into a particular theme, style, or subject matter, showcasing variations and perspectives within a defined artistic framework. The collection might feature a progression of ideas, evolving visual elements, or a series of interconnected narratives, inviting collectors to engage with the overarching concept and the individual artworks within it.

How do I create a series NFT collection?

Creating a Series NFT collection involves designing and minting a collection of tokens where the artwork and metadata are different for each item, allowing collectors to choose which specific token they want to mint. Check out this guide to learn how to deploy your series NFT collection.

Why launch a series collection?

If your art collection is made up of unique artwork, each with their own individual traits, then you should deploy a series collection.

These are different from limited editions, open editions, and one-of-ones which all contain the same artwork.

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