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What is a limited edition NFT collection?

A limited edition NFT collection refers to a curated set of NFTs where the artwork and metadata for each item within the collection are identical. In this type of collection, every NFT is created with the exact same visual representation and associated information.

The limited edition aspect is defined by the specific number of NFTs available in the collection, which is predetermined and fixed. Each item in the collection is priced uniformly, offering collectors an opportunity to acquire a unique digital asset with a set value. This type of NFT collection appeals to individuals who appreciate the exclusivity and uniformity of owning a limited number of identical NFTs, contributing to the sense of rarity and collectability within the digital art market.

How do I create a limited edition NFT collection?

Creating a limited edition involves designing and minting a collection of tokens where the artwork and metadata are the same for each item. Check out this guide to learn how to deploy your limited edition collection.

Limited editions are commonly used for selling passes to an event, collections of a work of art, as well as other use cases.

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