Weekly updates and improvements to Highlight's web3 creator toolkit.

November 25, 2022

Host Your Own Token-Gated NFT Drops In Minutes  

This week we released a powerful new feature to help creators gate their NFT drops by requiring ownership of existing NFTs. 

Now, web3 creators can offer existing collectors exclusive NFTs as rewards – or provide pre-mint access to an upcoming drop – in minutes, all using our creator-owned smart contracts and embeddable mint pages.

To our knowledge, nothing this easy or elegant exists in web3. 

Launching a token-gated drop is accessible in a simple series of steps using our no-code web3 toolkit:

  1. From our Tools dashboard, create a Gate comprised of one or more NFTs or NFT collections across Ethereum or Polygon, or a minimum amount of ETH, MATIC, or an ERC-20.

  2. Using our creator-owned Tokens tool, deploy a smart contract and ERC-721 edition for your NFT drop.

  3. Once deployed, you can select the tokens required to access your mint from the token management screen:

Importantly, adding a gate to your NFT drop is editable. So if you’d like to give collectors early access to your mint, you can apply the gate (and lower or remove the price if you wish to do so.) Once collectors have had access, you can remove the gate (and adjust the price) for your public drop. 

For creators, this new feature means you can now offer collectors of any project (including both NFT and social token holders) exclusive or early access to new NFT drops, all within a few clicks. 

Other Improvements

  • Added more help resources to our global navigation menu 

  • Fixed an issue where deleting a page caused a related gate to be deleted

  • Fixed an issue where some images weren’t rendering on gate modals or the create gate grid 

  • Updated all footers throughout the app 

  • Updated our 404 and 500 pages for clearer navigation when something goes awry 

  • Updated the fonts needed for our page editor 

  • Improved the date display for token sales 

  • Lots of other smaller fixes, speed upgrades, and design improvements across the entire toolkit

November 18, 2022

Token-Gate Anything With Multiple Types of Token 

To help creators easily build token-gated rewards and experiences, we released a series of updates this week on our “token-gate anything” toolkit. Using Highlight, creators can now make token-gates with multiple requirements in seconds, and save that gate for easy re-use. 

If you're a creator with more than one NFT project, this means you can now offer every type of holder (including both NFT and social token holders) all types of rewards and experiences. 

Token-gates now include support for:

  • Any NFT from a specific contract address on Ethereum or Polygon 

  • Any NFT from any OpenSea collection URL 

  • Specific NFTs from any contract address or collection

  • A minimum amount of ETH, MATIC, or an ERC-20 

Because token-gates can now be stored, creators can save even more time providing rewards or experiences.

This week the Highlight creator toolkit also evolved to provide gates, pages (for token-gated rewards, experiences, media, polls, etc.) and token-minting in separate tabs. Now applying a gate for all your NFT projects is as easy as selecting it from a drop-down menu:

Embeds: Simple No-code Snippets for Custom Sites

We’re also excited to unveil our first copy-and-paste embeds for bringing your NFTs and token-gated experiences to any custom site.

Our release this week is for adding a full Highlight mint page to your own domain. Instead of a Highlight-hosted drop, use our embed to host your own sale using our beautifully designed mint pages.

Our creator-owned contracts and mint pages currently support ERC-721 tokens on Ethereum or Polygon; creator royalties; visual, video, or music NFTs; limits per mint; and open editions. We’re adding new features here every week so stay tuned for updates on what you can embed.

Royalties for NFT Minting

You can now add a creator royalty fee and recipient address when minting an ERC721 on either Ethereum or Polygon. This includes support for auto-populating royalties for your NFT collection on most major marketplaces.

Other Improvements

  • Updated how we upload NFT metadata to Arweave

  • Updated how we auto-populate OpenSea collections for contracts deployed using our minting tools

  • Fixed a bug that was causing mint pages for music/audio NFTs to crash

  • Updated the link from a mint page to Etherscan to direct to the token page instead of the proxy contract, which was confusing

  • Verified our mint manager contracts on Etherscan, giving buyers more confidence in creator-owned contracts and NFTs minted using Highlight 

  • Updated how we display calendar dates for setting start/end dates for a mint

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing a user's active wallet from displaying correctly 

  • Adjusted how we display our creator toolkit, gated pages, and mint pages on mobile vs desktop

  • Fixed how we display the remaining quantity for open edition mints

  • Many other small bug fixes, speed improvements and visual updates

November 11, 2022

NFT Collection Deployment Improvements

NFT collection deployment and token minting has been live for a week and we are glad to see people start using it. With usage, comes some additional features, improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Non-transferable (aka ‘soulbound’) tokens for both Ethereum and Polygon. To prevent a token from being transferred or sold, simply toggle “Make this token non-transferable” under Advanced options in the creation flow:

  • We now display the ENS name of the creator of the token on the mint page

  • Gas optimization of all contracts to keep things as inexpensive as possible!

  • We made it easy to copy the contract address to the clipboard on the mint page

  • More detail under the “pending transactions” dropdown so you can see what each blockchain transaction is doing (deploying, minting, which token, etc)

  • Prettier icons for different blockchains when deploying a collection

Other Improvements

  • Fixed a bug that made it difficult to edit HTML embeds on a custom page

  • Added a link to our tool dashboard from any minting page 

  • Added a feedback form! Please send us any feedback from anywhere within our tool dashboard 

November 4th, 2022

NFT Collection Deployment

We’re really excited to announce the next major feature on our platform - NFT collection deployment and token minting. If you have always wanted to create NFTs and sell or give them away, but lack a dead simple way of doing so, this feature is for you. Just navigate to our Dashboard, select your blockchain, tell us about your token, set your price, and click “Deploy”. No engineering skills necessary! 

Our contracts support the following features:

  • ERC-721

  • Deploy on Ethereum mainnet, Polygon mainnet, Mumbai (Polygon testnet), or Goerli (Eth testnet)

  • Create 1/1, 1/N, or an infinite numbers of tokens

  • Support for images, videos, and music NFTs!

  • Limit the number any single wallet can hold to prevent hoarding

Token Minting

Deploying NFT collections doesn’t do much good if you can’t distribute them. Therefore, we are also launching the ability for people to mint tokens through a beautifully designed mint page. 

To mint a token, first deploy a collection, then click “View Sale”, then “Mint Token”. 

Now, using Highlight, you can deploy a collection, mint tokens, create gates using those tokens or tokens minted elsewhere, and create custom pages available to only those token holders. It’s starting to come together and we love being on this journey with you all! 

October 28, 2022

Edit HTML Embeds in the Page Editor

Wow, that’s a mouthful of a feature description! Let’s break it down. Highlight allows you to create custom pages that can be token gated. Custom pages can be anything - text, images, audio, video….and HTML embeds. Embeds allow you to put other website content in your custom page such as YouTube videos, Disqus comments, StrawPoll polls, photo galleries, Dropbox links, etc. 

Before today, there was no way to edit the HTML embedded in the page, which was a giant pain. But no longer! Now you can mouse over the area in the editor, click “Edit”, and change what you need. 

October 21, 2022

Emoji Support in Page Editor

When creating custom pages to token gate, you can now easily insert emojis into the page using our new emoji picker. Sometimes, it’s the small things that are the big things! And everybody loves emojis. 

October 14, 2022

We were heads down working on a new major feature this week. In the words of our lead designer it’s “super dope” but in the words of the eng team it’s “not ready to launch yet.” But don’t despair! We shipped a bunch of improvements that benefit you, the end user, and here they are:

Other Improvements

  • MP4s weren’t displaying as playable images on gated pages. Now they are, which is way better.

  • On the Page List, we fixed how we display the gate requirements so you can better understand them

  • In our Community Building App, we changed the account creation flow so it succeeds even if two browser tabs try to create a new account at the same time

  • We improved the look and feel of gated pages (consistent font sizes, etc)

Stay tuned to this space for feature announcements, easter eggs in screenshots, and weekly witty banter and jokes that crack me up (sometimes only me).

October 7, 2022

Non Transferable Token Minting

This week we enabled non-transferable token minting in our Community Builder app. Non-transferable, or “soulbound” (editor's note - soulbound is a weird word for this) tokens prevent users from selling the tokens, which disincentivizes speculation. This can lead to more true fans and healthier community engagement. Create a community here in order to mint tokens.

Gate Pages with ETH or MATIC

Now, you can gate any page based on the amount of ETH or MATIC in a user’s wallet. This is useful for verifying that a user has sufficient currency to mint tokens on a gated page, for instance. Or targeting whales (100 ETH, anybody?). Or targeting fans of Tommy Tutone (deep cut!).

Other Improvements

  • Custom theme css now works better on locked pages. This avoids problems where buttons became impossible to read based on which colors were chosen.

  • Hid the “Buy on OpenSea” button for ERC-20 tokens since it doesn’t make sense.

  • Fixed bug preventing saving of page titles. Life is better when data persists properly.

  • Made the alert banners prettier. Everybody likes prettier things. 

September 30, 2022

Enabled ERC-20 Token Gating

You can now gate pages with ERC-20 tokens, not just NFTs. This is useful for easily creating token-gated experiences for any creator, community, DAO, or other project that's launched its own fungible token.

Enabled Gateless Pages

You can also create pages that have no gating requirements. This is useful for creating publicly accessible pages for drops, for instance. 

Other Improvements

  • We now display the creator name on every token-gated page to help verify identity

  • We now show ENS names instead of wallet addresses throughout the UI

  • Adjusted the max column width of pages for better content layout 

  • Adjusted how we display the example use-cases 

  • Fixed a bug with bullet points in the content editor

September 23, 2022

Launched New Marketing Site

Our new brand identity and marketing website is live at There’s lots more to come here as we unveil new features. Check it out! 

Added examples to the List Pages screen

We added example use-cases to the List Pages screen to help spark ideas for token-gated experiences. We’ll be adding to these over time to help users find inspiration and quickly create things for their communities. 

Other Improvements

  • Improved the Metamask login experience on Android

  • Save button provides error and success feedback

  • 15 small CSS improvements that were bugging the Design Team (rightfully so!) 

  • Replaced HTML Embed / Media preview with a static image to avoid bugs related to multiple embeds on the page at once

  • Fixed bug for embeds in the Content tab showing up out of order

  • Fixed how small images were being expanded beyond their resolution

September 16, 2022

The team spent the week at an offsite, working hard on new features for upcoming releases (stay tuned!). 

Despite the heads down building of future features, we still took the time to fix up a variety of bugs. 

Other Improvements

  • Twitter sharing didn’t show a preview card

  • 12 CSS bugs that were small but super annoying

  • Fixed the List Pages screen when a user has not created any pages

  • Modal corners not always rounded

September 9, 2022

HTML embeds

This week we shipped the ability to embed any HTML in a gated page. This opens up a world of exciting possibilities for what can be gated. For instance, using HTML embeds, you can token gate live polls through StrawPoll, entire comment threads using Disqus, or any other site on the internet that supports embed sharing codes. 

Here is just a sample of what can be done with this new feature:

Token Gated Polls

Token Gated Music Release with Comments

Other Improvements

  • Made the Page title editable on the header

  • 18 small CSS fixes

  • Fixed a problem deleting pages from the Page List screen

September 1, 2022

Token Gate Anything

This week we released an entirely new, modular application that allows you to token-gate anything in 3 easy steps. It is live now at Go check it out! 

To create a token gated page, first, determine which content to gate. Pages can contain text, images, music, videos, or media from over 1900 other sites on the internet. 

Once the content is defined, optionally customizing the look and feel of the page so it matches your own unique brand or style. 

Finally, determine which tokens are required to open the gate. We currently support 721 and 1155 NFTs on Ethereum and Polygon. 

Click Publish and we will give you a link to share with your token owners on social media. That’s it! 

This is the easiest way to create an Ethereum or Polygon token-gate on the internet and we can’t wait to hear your feedback.