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What is Base?

Base is an innovative Layer 2 scaling solution developed by Coinbase, a prominent player in the cryptocurrency industry. It aims to tackle the scalability limitations of the Ethereum network by introducing a more efficient and cost-effective transaction framework. Base leverages Optimistic Rollup technology, which operates as a Layer 2 solution facilitating off-chain transaction processing.

The primary objective of Base is to optimize the user experience when engaging with decentralized applications (DApps) and NFTs by alleviating congestion issues and accelerating transaction speeds. By leveraging the power of Layer 2 scalability, Base seeks to enhance the overall efficiency and affordability of interacting with the Ethereum ecosystem.

Deploying a collection on Base

With tools like Highlight, minting your own NFTs on Base becomes effortless and affordable.

To deploy to Base on Highlight, simply select Base in the drop down menu on the create collection flow.

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