Sep 23, 2022
Launched New Marketing Site

Our new brand identity and marketing website is live at There’s lots more to come here as we unveil new features. Check it out!

Added examples to the List Pages screen

We added example use-cases to the List Pages screen to help spark ideas for token-gated experiences. We’ll be adding to these over time to help users find inspiration and quickly create things for their communities.

Other Improvements
  • Improved the Metamask login experience on Android
  • Save button provides error and success feedback
  • 15 small CSS improvements that were bugging the Design Team (rightfully so!)
  • Replaced HTML Embed / Media preview with a static image to avoid bugs related to multiple embeds on the page at once
  • Fixed bug for embeds in the Content tab showing up out of order
  • Fixed how small images were being expanded beyond their resolution