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It's the year 2347. A group of avant-garde tech archaeologists unearth a digital artifact from the fragmented realms of an ancient blockchain. "Decomposizione", an animated artwork created in 2023, reveals a fascinating and captivating metamorphosis over centuries.
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Holger Lippmann

In Holger Lippmann’s pioneering career as a generative artist, spanning decades, there’s a persistent theme of order and chaos, structure and decay, expressed through code. With “Fractal Tapestries,” Lippmann pushes this exploration even further. While on the surface we easily perceive simple shapes and patterns, each output challenges us to look once more and examine what we thought we saw, again and again.
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Create generative art on the blockchain with dynamic data inputs, curated outputs, powerful testing and preview tools, draft mode, and the ability to use any assets or libraries you like.

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"Uniqueness" is based on the belief of minters to achieve completely unique variations, which was the inspiration behind this algorithm. This project can be viewed on both desktop and mobile devices.
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