March 30, 2023

Series Collections 

We’re thrilled this week to launch Series collections — NFT projects with unique metadata and media for every token. Our no-code flow makes launching this complex creation more effortless than ever. 

Series collections provide a range of exciting mint mechanics, customization options, and other benefits that are true to our mission of arming web3 creators with the best and easiest tooling in existence.

Creating a Series collection on Highlight comes with three possible mint styles:

  • Collector’s choice: Collectors can see all tokens and choose which token they want to mint

  • Random mint (hidden metadata): hide all the potential variations in your collection until it mints out. Collectors will receive a random token (using our independently verifiable randomization algorithm) revealed after they mint.

  • Random mint (visible metadata): show collectors all possible variations, but have their mint chosen randomly. 

All three mint styles come with the following: 

  • 100% creator-owned smart contracts 

  • Decentralized metadata storage using arweave

  • Beautiful drop pages and embeds

  • Easy interoperability with the web3 ecosystem

  • Complete control over your mint: 

    • Controls to schedule and pause

    • Pricing and distribution mechanics 

    • Tools to manage early access through our world-class pre-mint and token-gating flows 

See for yourself: find the flow in our creator toolkit under Collections > Create. You can also explore a Series mint page or custom embed, or see our docs for more details.

Other Improvements

Here’s what else we shipped since last week:

  • We now show your collection description on the review screen before deploy

  • We now point to arweave on mint pages for Series (beta versions did not, even though we were still using arweave for file storage) 

  • Better time zone display for sale start and end dates

  • End dates for scheduled mints are now optional 

  • The ability to edit your creator royalties after collection deployment (previously, this was only possible before deployment) 

  • Limits on overly broad collection imports, e.g. the OpenSea shared contract, which improves performance for all creators

  • Fixed a bug that wasn’t rendering mint buttons correctly in certain contexts 

  • Fixed an issue with email gates not working from a collection embed

  • Fixed a display bug that was impacting projects with mp3 media 

  • 20+ other improvements, design updates, and functional refinements