Jan 20, 2023
Checks: An On-Chain Game of Checkers

Checks is a game inspired by artist Jack Butcher. You can find the original artwork here. As it was taking the NFT community by storm this week, we created a derivative project called Checks: An On-Chain Game of Checkers. The rules are simple:

  • We dropped 80 free NFTs, with a limit of 1 per wallet
  • 80 verified holders are now playing on-chain checkers vs. Highlight
  • There’s 1 move per day with verified voting and daily metadata updates as we play
  • Any royalties go to Feeding America

We built the whole project using our creator toolkit in minutes. So far, dozens of people have been playing each day, and tokens are selling on the secondary market. For more about the project, see here.

Auction Improvements

Here’s what else we shipped this week:

We launched auctions last week and followed up with a series of small improvements:

  • Added the ability to edit and re-run auctions. Currently, auctions can have their start date, end date, and reserve price edited unless the auction has received a bid at or above the reserve price
  • Added copy to explain the time buffer and minimum bid increase percentage to bidders
  • Added full support for auctions on mint card embeds, making it even easier to host your own auction on any custom website and domain
  • Improved error messages for bidding, reserve prices, and more
  • On the Gates tab, we added visibility into auctions that may be using a token-gate
Other Improvements
  • Made it easier to understand your collection metadata on Etherscan
  • Added the ability to delete an imported NFT collection or token
  • Added the ability to use imported tokens in various product flows
  • Improved the ability to select a token from your wallet in various product flows
  • Improved the ability to tap on mint page links from mobile
  • Cleaned up some scrollbar issues on the transaction history dropdown
  • Updated the weekly calendar in various places to begin on Sunday instead of Monday
  • Adjust spacing and layout throughout the mint page
  • When creating content for token-gated pages, the font selection input now shows a preview of each font
  • 20+ other fixes, improvements, and performance enhancements