Dec 2, 2022

This week we added another powerful feature to our creator toolkit: allow-lists for both NFT drops and gated content or rewards.

Now with just a few clicks, you can add a list of approved wallet addresses to anything you want to gate. Offer pre-mint access, collector rewards, raffles, or exclusive content — all just by pasting in a comma-separated list and applying it to your gated project.

Create an allow-list using these simple steps:

  1. From our Tools dashboard, create a Gate and select “Is on an allowlist of wallet addresses”
  2. Paste in up to 5,000 comma-separated wallet addresses and click ‘Add condition’
  3. Apply your gate to an NFT drop using the Tokens tab or something else using our Pages tab
“Consensual” Soulbound Tokens

We created a smart contract extension that can allow the recipient of a soulbound token to transfer the token back to its creator, making the soulbound mint “consensual.” We now offer two different soulbound extension modules, which you can choose from.

For those familiar, this is similar in approach to EIP-5484. While we’re not adhering to this specific standard, we are following its ethos by allowing our soulbound tokens to be transferred back.

Other Improvements

Here’s what else we shipped this week:

  • Improved gate creation from within the page creation flow, avoiding the need to open a second tab
  • Improved the flow for deleting a gate, especially in cases where the gate was in use
  • Updated our APIs for better consistency and error handling during gate creation
  • Fixed a calculation issue in our "Earned" revenue summary on token management pages
  • Fixed a display bug with very long token IDs
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing gates from being saved
  • Fixed an issue where certain master smart contracts weren't displaying in gates properly
  • Fixed some display issues with embedded mints and pages
  • Added a sign-up link to receive our weekly changelog via email
  • Lots of other visual improvements, smaller bug fixes, and speed upgrades