Apr 28, 2023
Dark Mode

Dark mode is now available on Highlight. This feature allows users to switch to a darker interface, reducing eye strain and enhancing the aesthetic experience.

Select the wallet modal in the upper right-hand corner and toggle to “Dark” under the theme section to enable dark mode.

Other Improvements

Here’s what else we shipped this week:

  • Starting this week, fees for mints will be 0.0008 ETH / 1.43 MATIC per mint
  • Updated Series Token Browser to display minted tokens for reveal-style Series collections
  • Polishes and improvements to our portfolio, including:
    • Removing grey borders around media assets
    • Fixing the cut off title on the detailed view
    • Adding collection names to portfolios
  • Fixed a bug where updating the collection description was not updating on the frontend
  • 20+ other design updates and functional improvements