Aug 4, 2023
Direct minting

We have updated our collection flow to enable “direct” minting, which allows collectors to mint directly from the blockchain, block explorers, or other third-party minting sites such as

For creators, this means that collectors can discover and mint from your collections outside of Highlight’s mint page.

To allow direct minting on your contract, select the toggle for on the ‘Mint details’ screen of any collection flow.

Please note: If you create a collection with direct minting enabled, after the collection is deployed most edits will require blockchain transactions. If you’d like a less gas-intensive style of collection – or if you want more control over who can mint from your collection and when – we recommend disabling direct minting before you deploy your collection, which will require all minting to take place from your mint page.

Other improvements

Here’s what else we shipped this week:

  • Added GPU support for rendering of generative projects
  • Updated profile links so that URLs default to ENS name if available
  • Updated profile names on mint pages to lead to user profiles
  • 50+ smaller bug fixes and design polish