Nov 25, 2022
Host Your Own Token-Gated NFT Drops In Minutes

This week we released a powerful new feature to help creators gate their NFT drops by requiring ownership of existing NFTs.

Now, web3 creators can offer existing collectors exclusive NFTs as rewards – or provide pre-mint access to an upcoming drop – in minutes, all using our creator-owned smart contracts and embeddable mint pages.

To our knowledge, nothing this easy or elegant exists in web3.

Launching a token-gated drop is accessible in a simple series of steps using our no-code web3 toolkit:

  1. From our Tools dashboard, create a Gate comprised of one or more NFTs or NFT collections across Ethereum or Polygon, or a minimum amount of ETH, MATIC, or an ERC-20.
  2. Using our creator-owned Tokens tool, deploy a smart contract and ERC-721 edition for your NFT drop.
  3. Once deployed, you can select the tokens required to access your mint from the token management screen:

Importantly, adding a gate to your NFT drop is editable. So if you’d like to give collectors early access to your mint, you can apply the gate (and lower or remove the price if you wish to do so.) Once collectors have had access, you can remove the gate (and adjust the price) for your public drop.

For creators, this new feature means you can now offer collectors of any project (including both NFT and social token holders) exclusive or early access to new NFT drops, all within a few clicks.

Other Improvements

Here’s what else we shipped this week:

  • Added more help resources to our global navigation menu
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a page caused a related gate to be deleted
  • Fixed an issue where some images weren’t rendering on gate modals or the create gate grid
  • Updated all footers throughout the app
  • Updated our 404 and 500 pages for clearer navigation when something goes awry
  • Updated the fonts needed for our page editor
  • Improved the date display for token sales
  • Lots of other smaller fixes, speed upgrades, and design improvements across the entire toolkit