Jun 23, 2023
Gas optimizations: pay less to deploy

This week, we upgraded our smart contracts to minimize gas costs for deploying NFT collections.

With these in place, gas for creators is significantly cheaper across the board.

For example, it now costs less to deploy a Limited Edition or One-of-one collection than to mint a token (which will also soon be optimized). Paying less to create art means more revenue from selling your work!

For more details on our latest contract changes, see our knowledge base or GitHub.

Other improvements

Here’s what else we shipped this week:

  • Launched our private beta for creating generative art on Highlight!
  • Design updates to our mint page, including:
    • Updating title to match heading styles
    • Applying a faint shadow to token iframe
    • Combining the tabs for details and collectors
  • Removed the automatic payout address under collection details
  • 20+ other optimizations and design updates