Feb 3, 2023
Collectors’ List

This week we updated our mint pages to show the collector wallet addresses that have already minted from the collection.

This feature helps creators drive more mints for their projects through social proof, and quickly build allowlists for previous collections.

Where available, we display ENS names and anyone can download a .csv file of collector addresses directly from the page.

To see it in action, check out our latest Open Edition (live through Sunday, Feb. 5) here.

Other Improvements

Here’s what else we shipped this week:

  • Improved latency on our token dashboard and changed the layout to show Created and Imported collections in separate tabs
  • Updated our NFT spam filters to make it easier to import tokens from your wallet
  • Fixed a bug that was causing audio playback issues for music NFTs
  • Fixed an issue with how we display royalties for imported collections
  • Various mobile UI fixes
  • 20+ additional bug fixes, visual improvements, and performance upgrades