Dec 16, 2022
Announcing Our v1 Launch

This week, we announced the official launch of Highlight v1.

So what does v1 do?

Token Gate Anything™: make a gate in minutes with any Ethereum or Polygon contract, any OpenSea collection URL, any balance of ETH, MATIC, or ERC20, allow-lists (wallet address), any specific trait or attribute in metadata.

Create an NFT Drop With Style: 100% creator-owned smart contracts, fixed or open edition, limit mints per wallet, gated mints & allowlists, protect your royalties

Generate Custom Landing Pages: polls, surveys, raffles, merch, mints, and rewards for your collectors

Embeds: Add any of the above to your website to fully customize the look & feel of your project. Highlight allows embeds for both NFT mints and gated landing pages onto third-party websites.

Commemorative Mint & Win a Ledger Stax

To celebrate our launch, we made something fun and mintable for you here.

Once you mint, go here to enter a token-gated contest to win a new Stax hardware wallet designed by Tony Fadell, courtesy of Ledger. Entry closes Sunday, Dec. 18, 2022, at 11:59 pm Pacific.

Support for Operator Filter Registry

Recently, there’s been a fierce debate about whether NFT marketplaces should enforce creator royalties. At Highlight, we believe this should be up to creators – not marketplaces – to choose.

To provide tools to help creators protect their on-chain royalties, we rolled out support for adding the Operator Filter Registry to your smart contracts using Highlight. Tokens using the Operator Filter Registry may not be sold on marketplaces that do not enforce royalties.

Learn more about the Registry here or see this week’s interview with our CEO, Nat Emodi, in Peter Yang’s Creator Economy.

To add support for the Registry to your NFT collection on Highlight:

  1. From the Tools dashboard > Tokens, select 'Create a token’
  2. Under Advanced, hit the toggle under Operator Filter Registry
Other Improvements

Here’s what else we shipped this week:

  • Improved the social share cards that appear when sharing a link to an NFT drop or token-gated page using a Highlight URL
  • Added the Zora NFT API to improve how we display Zora NFTs minted using their shared contract
  • Added a sidebar button for our Quick Start Guides
  • Fixed how the delete gate modal displayed linked pages/mints
  • Fixed how Polygon NFTs displayed the link to Polygonscan
  • Fixed a bug affecting how theme colors were shown in preview mode
  • Added support for ENS names in the Royalty payout address field
  • Updated the Token Management page layout
  • Fixed a bug with video and audio NFTs not loading on mint card embeds
  • Fixed an error when saving a page
  • Improved how we link to OpenSea in various screens
  • Improved the error message during gate creation if an NFT collection on an unsupported blockchain was entered as an OpenSea URL
  • Dozens of other speed improvements, bug fixes, and visual updates