Sep 15, 2023
Onchain DIY

Previously, our team had supported select projects in uploading their code and artwork onchain. This week, we rolled out the ability for artists and creators to upload their art onchain themselves.

To do this, head to Etherscan or the applicable block explorer. Verify your contract and go to “Contract” and then “Write as Proxy”.

Step by step instructions here. Video tutorial here.

Other improvements

Here’s what else we shipped this week:

  • Fixed an issue where ENS names weren’t displaying in some cases on token browse and token detail pages
  • Updated our URL schema to better manage collections across different chains
  • Finalized smart contract upgrades for our newest 721a implementation
  • Made improvements to our hl-gen.js script and generative tooling documentation
  • Created an NPM package to make working with hl-gen.js seamless
  • 30+ other functional and design improvements