Senior Full-Stack Engineer

We’re currently hiring a seasoned full-stack engineer

The ideal candidate is excited to be on the early engineering team of a well-funded startup and the responsibility and autonomy of building with other experienced developers.

You love getting your hands dirty, learning cutting-edge new technologies, and the excitement that comes with building a new platform from the ground up. You have strong opinions about how to do that yet work collaboratively and are always open to new ideas.

Our mission is to make creative execution and experimentation in web3 easier than ever before. If you’re inspired by building tools for artists, creators, community builders, brands and developers that will push the boundaries of on-chain creativity, please send us an email with a link to your GitHub, LinkedIn and/or personal website.

  • Building well architected microservice web applications on AWS. We use React, GraphQL, Node, and MongoDB on AWS as our core technologies
  • Contributing to smart contract architecture and development that enables core features of our product
  • Participating in code reviews and the interview process
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field
  • 5+ years of experience building full stack consumer facing web applications
  • Proven ability to write clean, maintainable, well tested, secure code in a variety of languages and frameworks
  • Experience building microservice architectures on AWS
  • Web3, dApp, and blockchain smart contract experience a major plus
  • Strong database schema design skills
  • Live between GMT-8 and GMT-5 (North American timezones)