Build web 3 communities from scratch with Highlight

We help musicians build fan-based communities online for the people that love their music most. With our no-code tools, artists can design and curate unique web3 experiences, reward top listeners, and build a true community for fans.


Fan engagement for all types of musicians

We’re working with artist teams from all genres on rolling out communities that offer fans benefits like collaborative listening parties, exclusive merchandise, and token-gated access to ticket presales. From web3 strategy to token design to community management, we are there for musicians. We work with artists to curate Discord communities, launch thoughtful content for fans, and onboard your audience into the new world of web3. We’re aware of the environmental concerns surrounding NFTs, which is why we’ve decided to mint on the more eco-friendly sidechain Polygon..


How it works

Shared By Artists and Creators, Owned By Fans

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    Custom-build your branded communal home that integrates with your Stripe, Polygon or Metamask payments, Shopify e-comm, and Discord community stack. Access is limited and rewards are evolved by you

  • 02

    Your most engaged fans participate in its growth by buying membership NFTs that they own

  • 03

    Members enjoy access to a private community, gated content, and exclusive benefits

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    Creators earn a revenue split every time memberships or benefits are bought and sold

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