A home for your brand and its top fans


Create a home in web 3 for your most loyal fans, followers, and customers. We can help you reward, engage, and market towards the people in the world that love your products most. Brands can mint and sell tokens to provide access to exclusive merchandise, offer unique presale opportunities and easily integrate loyalty programs.

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Web 3 is here

Begin your journey into web 3 with Highlight! We make it easy to onramp mainstream fans and provide direct support to help, launch, maintain, and iterate on token-gated communities. We are looking for brand partners that are excited to revolutionize the way customers and brands interact on the internet.

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How it works

Build a fan-based community online

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    Custom-build your branded communal home that integrates with your Stripe, Polygon or Metamask payments, Shopify e-comm, and Discord community stack. Access is limited and rewards are evolved by you

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    Your most engaged fans participate in its growth by buying membership NFTs that they own

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    Members enjoy access to a private community, gated content, and exclusive benefits

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    Creators earn a revenue split every time memberships or benefits are bought and sold

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