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With Highlight, artists can mint and launch NFT collector communities within seconds and curate web3 experiences for top fans and followers of their art. Highlight lets artists not only mint and sell tokens, but also build a home for your fans to connect and enjoy your work.

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Our customizable tools enable artists to showcase exclusive art to token-holding fans, market merchandise and event offerings, and build genuine communities in web 3. We provide full-service support on design, strategy, and more to give artists tools to revolutionize how they engage, connect and monetize their fanbase.


How it works

Shared By Artists and Creators, Owned By Fans

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    Custom-build your branded communal home that integrates with your Stripe, Polygon or Metamask payments, Shopify e-comm, and Discord community stack. Access is limited and rewards are evolved by you

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    Your most engaged fans participate in its growth by buying membership NFTs that they own

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    Members enjoy access to a private community, gated content, and exclusive benefits

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    Creators earn a revenue split every time memberships or benefits are bought and sold

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