Oct 7, 2022
Non Transferable Token Minting

This week we enabled non-transferable token minting in our Community Builder app. Non-transferable, or “soulbound” (editor's note - soulbound is a weird word for this) tokens prevent users from selling the tokens, which disincentivizes speculation. This can lead to more true fans and healthier community engagement. Create a community here in order to mint tokens.

Gate Pages with ETH or MATIC

Now, you can gate any page based on the amount of ETH or MATIC in a user’s wallet. This is useful for verifying that a user has sufficient currency to mint tokens on a gated page, for instance. Or targeting whales (100 ETH, anybody?). Or targeting fans of Tommy Tutone (deep cut!).

Other Improvements

Here’s what else we shipped this week:

  • Custom theme css now works better on locked pages. This avoids problems where buttons became impossible to read based on which colors were chosen.
  • Hid the “Buy on OpenSea” button for ERC-20 tokens since it doesn’t make sense.
  • Fixed bug preventing saving of page titles. Life is better when data persists properly.
  • Made the alert banners prettier. Everybody likes prettier things.