Nov 4, 2022
NFT Collection Deployment

We’re really excited to announce the next major feature on our platform - NFT collection deployment and token minting. If you have always wanted to create NFTs and sell or give them away, but lack a dead simple way of doing so, this feature is for you. Just navigate to our Dashboard, select your blockchain, tell us about your token, set your price, and click “Deploy”. No engineering skills necessary!

Our contracts support the following features:

  • ERC-721
  • Deploy on Ethereum mainnet, Polygon mainnet, Mumbai (Polygon testnet), or Goerli (Eth testnet)
  • Create 1/1, 1/N, or an infinite numbers of tokens
  • Support for images, videos, and music NFTs!
  • Limit the number any single wallet can hold to prevent hoarding
Token Minting

Deploying NFT collections doesn’t do much good if you can’t distribute them. Therefore, we are also launching the ability for people to mint tokens through a beautifully designed mint page.

To mint a token, first deploy a collection, then click “View Sale”, then “Mint Token”.

Now, using Highlight, you can deploy a collection, mint tokens, create gates using those tokens or tokens minted elsewhere, and create custom pages available to only those token holders. It’s starting to come together and we love being on this journey with you all!