Jan 27, 2023
Email Capture

One of the things web3 creators struggle with the most is communicating effectively with their token holders. Likewise, web3 collectors often miss special rewards, new projects, or other updates from their favorite creators.

This week we’re excited to unveil verified email capture, a powerful new tool that helps creators capture verified emails at the point of mint or gate entry.

Using email capture, creators can now view which of their collectors have provided an email using the Collectors tab in our creator toolkit.

To learn more about setting up verified email capture for an upcoming project, see our Gate by Email article.

Primary Sales Recipient(s)

We’ve added support for specifying a different recipient address for primary sale proceeds.

For any mint or auction, creators can now input a different wallet address for receiving sales from the initial purchase.

Using 0xSplits, creators can also now split their primary sales automatically across multiple collaborators.

The setting can be found in our creator toolkit under Tokens > Create > Advanced options.

For details, see this article.

Updated Knowledge Base

This week we released an updated knowledge base that provides how-tos, FAQs, articles, and other content for creators using Highlight.

Check it out here, and please let us know if you don’t see any topics we should cover.

Other Improvements

Here’s what else we shipped this week:

  • Updated how page titles display for auctions, mints, and token-gated content
  • Fixed a bug that was hiding the 'Embed' option for auctions
  • Fixed some issues causing ENS name not to appear
  • Updated our smart contract token managers to support metadata updates for soulbound (non-transferable) NFTs
  • Adjusted styling for 'delete' modals throughout the app
  • Fixed an error with gated mints not unlocking on embedded pages
  • Fixed an issue where canceled transactions were appearing as 'Pending' on auction and mint pages
  • Addressed an issue on embedded pages that was causing wallets to disconnect if the page was refreshed
  • Updated which 'Advanced options' we show during collection creation so that only relevant and editable options appear
  • Fixed an issue where the mint button was shown as clickable even if the max number of mints had been reached
  • Added tooltips for primary and secondary (royalty) recipients
  • 20+ other upgrades, improvements, and design fixes