Feb 23, 2023
Updated Collection Creation

We’ve completely reinvented our collection creation flow to make it easier, more intuitive, and more powerful to create your NFT projects using your own smart contracts.

Using the ERC-721 standard, our creation tool now includes purpose-built features for creating open editions, limited editions, and one-of-ones. We’ve reimagined the steps required to ensure all the details are clearer and easier to adjust than ever before.

We also introduced the following new features to the flow:

  • Customizable metadata attributes
  • Re-use the same smart contract for lower gas fees and better collection management
  • Better organized in the Collections tab of our creator toolkit to see projects you’ve created, imported, and associated smart contracts all in one place
  • Try the flow yourself in our creator toolkit or learn more in this article.
Other Improvements
  • Added sorting (newest / oldest) to our Collections tab
  • Added status badges to our Collections tab to make it easier to see which collections have active, upcoming, or completed mints or auctions
  • Fixed an issue with auctions to support cases where the auction had no bids
  • Updated and renamed our tab navigation in the creator dashboard
  • Updates across our knowledge base and marketing site
  • 10+ smaller fixes, usability improvements, and performance upgrades