Feb 16, 2023
Daylight Integration

Last week we added support for Daylight, giving creators using Highlight a powerful new channel for communicating rewards and benefits to their collectors.

Thousands of collectors use Daylight to never miss a mint, airdrop, or token gate. Now, any token-gated mint or page using Highlight will notify eligible collectors that have signed up to use Daylight.

We’re thrilled to partner with the Daylight team and excited to help creators using Highlight to drive more engagement to their projects.

Other Improvements

Here’s what else we shipped since our last update:

  • Fixed a bug with links to arweave directing to the wrong source
  • Added pagination for selecting tokens from your wallet
  • Fixed an issue that was causing large animated image types (GIF, PNG, and WEBP) to render statically
  • Improved the speed of the Collectors tab on the creator dashboard when sizeable collections are imported
  • Updated how we display links to collections that were imported using OpenSea URLs instead of contract addresses
  • 20+ smaller fixes, speed improvements, and visual upgrades