December 23, 2022

Polishing Week

This week, we fixed 50+ usability issues, imperfections, and bugs, including: 

  • Better token-gating support for shared/marketplace contracts  

  • Improved the pending and success messages for smart contract deployment

  • Improved logged-out states across the app

  • Improved the calendar view for selecting mint start/end dates and displaying date formats 

  • Updated the page creation preview for locked/unlocked states and embed code copying

  • Even better share card support, now with dynamic image rendering for token-gated pages

  • Fixed a bug that caused a display issue with Firefox

  • Fixed a bug that was causing a misleading ‘Insufficient funds’ error 

  • Fixed an issue that was causing ERC20s to display incorrectly in some places

  • More intuitive authentication across various parts of the app

Audience Insight 👀

Looking for insight on your token holders? We’re rolling out tools soon to get a better view of your collector base. Please email us at to request early access. 

Happy holidays ❄️