Apr 6, 2023
Polishing Week

This week, we shipped 30+ speed improvements, visual upgrades, and functional refinements, including:

  • Added the ability to upload a contract's final metadata to arweave after tokens are sold out for series collections whose metadata is hidden during minting
  • Added a filter on mint card embeds allowing collectors to browse all tokens or available tokens
  • Added a column for collector's email address (for those who have provided it) to the collector's tab
  • Fixed a bug where emails of collectors were not displayed
  • Fixed a bug in which the preview price of free tokens was incorrect during collection creation
  • Removed an unnecessary alert when you leave the creation flow but no unsaved changes have been made
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in unnecessary rate-limiting
  • Fixed a bug where attributes were not updated on OpenSea for collections with MP3
  • Updated error alerts regarding files uploaded for Series collections