Apr 13, 2023
Metadata Updates

We've added the ability to update the metadata for collections after they've been created. This means you can update the collection name, description, artwork, and traits for your open and limited editions whenever you like. Use this feature to reveal secret content, evolve existing tokens, and much more.

To update the metadata for one of your collections, head to the collection management page, find the row for metadata, and click the Edit button. In the modal that appears, you can update whichever fields you like and save the changes to the blockchain.

Other Improvements

Here’s what else we shipped since our last update:

  • Adjusted the Series mint pages to center title
  • Adjusted sizing of portfolio gallery to be consistent, regardless of image size
  • Added error messaging for Series zip files to notify the creator of errors prior to deployment
  • Fixed a bug where multiple collections minted from the same draft would result in an error for metadata appearing on third-party sites
  • 15+ other optimizations and functional refinements