Aug 11, 2023
Dashboard sorting and filtering

This week, we updated our creator dashboard to include filtering and sorting for collections. Collections can now be filtered by:

  • Status: sort by draft, deployed, or active mints
  • Blockchain: the specific chain your collection is deployed on
  • Network: filter by whether your collection is on mainnet or testnet
  • Type: the type of collection created, whether generative, series, limited edition, etc.

To check it out, head to the tools dashboard and sort by the options at the top.

Stay tuned for more workflow improvements coming soon.

Base mainnet support

This week, Base mainnet launched and was added as a supported chain on Highlight.

To deploy to Base, Ethereum, or other supported L2s, you can choose between options on the collection creation flow.

Other improvements

Here’s what else we shipped this week:

  • Added links to creator user profiles on mint pages
  • Added links below the mint card on the token management page for easy access to OpenSea, block explorers, and Arweave
  • Fixed a bug where in some edge cases the mint button was active despite the collection being sold out
  • Updated the embed copy code for mint cards
  • 60+ other design updates and smaller bug fixes